>>16-11-2023 FUNCTIONALITY
 * We have a front page, suggestions at more, and a
 * front page. yay!


 * I spent so much time trying to style CSS I don't
 * know how to format HTML. Hm


SPLAT, welcome to my labyrinth! 
I'm just a clown furry queer thing that 
loves unconventional art and making things?? 
This is my place to experiment and talk about things 
that I like :] You can call me Deck! [it/its pronouns] 

 Here's a bit of a more indepth guide, it was supposed to be  a manifesto but it delved into general housekeeping, peek!

I don't have much atm but take this

BPD be damned my Red Son can work a grill
"Red Son got everything he thought he wanted, but navigating through a drastic shift in your life is bound to be uncomfortable for anyone, regardless of the outcome, right? A slice of life look into what could've happened between season 3 and 4."

 >>I'm learning to write for the first time properly, I have big plans for the second chapter though!

* Currently playing: Pikmin 3
* Reading: Deranged Detective
* Watching: Hitman Reborn!

* Next thing to work on: Owed art and opening page/manifesto page for the site!

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1920 x 1080 screen
on a firefox browser